We understand the obstacles you face when making purchases for your business.

No matter whether you're struggling to get more vendors connected to your e-procurement system, or you wrestle with trying to manage all your online purchases with dozens of vendors…

We've got solutions guaranteed to empower your purchasing by making your buying easier, faster, and chaos-free.

Enable your suppliers and enjoy greater choices

There are few things more frustrating as a buyer (especially when your business has spent a small fortune on e-procurement software) than not having choices. But if you are required to make your purchases through an e procurement system your hands are tied.

That's because you can't explore different items or brands from different vendors – or negotiate better pricing – if vendors can't connect to you. And that severely limits the effectiveness of your spend management.

Even if you don't order through enterprise purchasing software, you have to give vendors the opportunity to do business your way if your business has specific buying or ordering requirements.

Fortunately, CoreXpand's e commerce solutions relieve those challenges. Because…

CoreXpand's Adaptable Commerce Engine (ACE) allows ANY vendor to connect to you anytime… anywhere… making it easier for vendors to adopt your preferred buying methods and/or connect to your e-procurement system.

Whether it's through your e-procurement system, or through your own private supply center (described below), CoreXpand is about helping you connect to more vendors in a way that lets you do business your way.

And it gets even better. Because CoreXpand's e-commerce solutions also allow you to…

Completely Eradicate Out-of-Contract Buying and Over-Paying Vendors… Forever
It's every purchasing agent and purchasing manager's worst nightmare: spend analysis, audits, or reports show you paid thousands (or in some cases hundreds of thousands – even millions) more than your negotiated contracts or agreements.

No matter whether you purchase through an e-procurement system or you're new to purchasing online, CoreXpand's software as a service (SaaS) products guarantee that you'll never pay a penny more than you expect to.

How is that possible? It's all part of our ongoing commitment to empower your buying.

CoreXpand is proud to offer the world's first and only Cloud Based purchasing software solution with built-in audits and buyer approval of vendor catalog changes (such as products or pricing).

Call or email us today, or better yet, request a no obligation demo, and we'll show you just how much faster, easier, and more pleasant your buying can be.

Even If You Don't Have an e-Procurement System, You Can Say Good Bye to Vendor Chaos
It's the same exhausting chore every time…

You're ready to order your supplies, materials, and items. It should be simple, but it's not; you wade through dozens, even hundreds of catalogs and/or websites… scour through thousands of items… and wrestle with a small army of vendors – some online, some not – all with separate and often unique ordering methods.

We've been there. In fact, the need to solve those problems resulted in the creation of our company. Once we found the solution, we knew it was too good not to share. Over the last ten plus years, we've helped thousands of businesses take the chaos out of buying, lower operating costs, and master spend management.

How? Well, just imagine…

One user friendly online site – your own private supply center – built specifically for the way that you do business; with all your preferred vendors, only the items you're looking for, and your special pricing already built in.

Even if you've never ordered online before, we can help you set up your own personal supply center that will save you time, money, and hassles.

So if you're ready for greater choices, streamlined ordering, and maximized spend management, simply contact us, and we'll show you how easy it is.

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Or, you can read more about CoreXpand's vendor and catalog managment solution here.


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