The world's only complete fundraising system.

Finally… the World's First
COMPLETE Fundraising System

A fresh, comprehensive approach to fundraising allows your organization to raise more money with less effort…
all with no out of pocket expenses… ever.

Just imagine… a steady stream of year round, perpetual revenue… delivered to you automatically through a proven, turnkey fundraising problem-solver that is the first of its kind.

Your ZERO expense FundRaiserCX solution is made up of three individual systems that combine into one. The result? A powerful and stress-free perpetual revenue machine…

The Revenue System

Your own private online marketplace where supporters earn money for your organization by purchasing products they already buy for their home and office…

The Marketing System

A proven, strategic plan complete with comprehensive processes and professionally produced marketing materials that educate your supporters and promote your marketplace for you.…

The Support System

A centralized environment for your organization's supporters / staff to access all promotional and other internal/supporting materials. This helps you increase your staff's ability to spread awareness and grow your membership online...

As part of a limited time introductory promotion, you can take advantage of this complete, automated fundraising solution
without ever spending a dime.

annual revenue

A refreshing fundraising approach with 3 powerful benefits

You can make a significant, positive impact in 3 very important ways. Because your free fundraising marketplace…

1. Helps your organization by allowing you to generate regular, repeat revenue without asking your supporters to spend more than they already are…

2. Helps your supporters by saving them significant money on items they're alreay buying regularly…

3. Helps the environment by providing eco-friendly products.

Revenue that will grow on its own

Once they experience the triple benefit, you'll find your supporters automatically spreading the word.

And that means even more money without the hassle and expense of additional fundraising campaigns.

Plus, because your marketplace has items that everyone can use, your revenue will also grow naturally as your membership increases.

See It In Action!

*CoreXpand takes your confidence seriously. Your information is protected with state of the art security, and will never be sold, rented, nor shared with any other party (Privacy Policy).